New book: La ciudad: economía, espacio, sociedad y medio ambiente

After almost two years of hard work we have been finally published a new reference book for students and academics interested in urban issues. La ciudad: economía, espacio, sociedad y medio ambiente has a inter-disciplinary approach to the study of the city as a science itself. Economists, geographers, sociologists and urban planners participated in the project, which was directed by Prof. Josep Sorribes. Prof.Luis del Romero participated in this work with three chapters dedicated to social cohesion, right to the city and urban conflicts and urban ecology. You can find more details about the book here.

AECR Congress in Bilbao

Dr. Luis del Romero and Dr. Antonio Valera participated in the AECR (spanish Association of Regional Science) congress held in Bilbao the 21st and 22nd november. Antonio Valera presented the contribution "Land-use changes in abandoned spaces" and Luis del Romero "Unmapping rural areas: the case of Teruel province, Spain". Both presentations are part of the research project "Unmapped spaces: the challenges of spatial planning in abandoned spaces in Teruel province, Spain", financed by CEDDAR institute